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Olokun Minerals

Olokun Minerals extracts valuable metals and minerals from salty, mineral-rich wastewater streams and creates solid-state chemical compounds that can be used in concrete to build infrastructure, fertilizers for agriculture, and batteries for electronics and vehicles.

Upstream Tech

Upstream Tech is a climate tech company that builds software products to accelerate the pace, scale and impact of conservation, restoration, and a renewable grid. We have two products: Lens, which utilizes satellite and aerial imagery to monitor and report on changes in landscapes over time, and HydroForecast, which combines the latest in machine learning with conceptual approaches to hydrologic modeling to predict streamflow volume accurately anywhere in the world.

Cohort 2 Leadership

Tyler P. Jones

Tyler P. Jones

Sr Vice President, National Executive, Water Business Line

Lauren Wheeler, PE

Lauren Wheeler, PE

Water Resources Engineer
Partner Relations Director

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