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Bayotech is an alternate fuel company focused on decentralizing supply and distribution of hydrogen gas to increase affordability, sustainability and accessibility of this low-carbon energy source for scale deployment of hydrogen fuel cell and other clean tech vehicles and equipment. The company’s model promotes efficiency and substantial net carbon reductions through the establishment of localized hydrogen hubs to reduce reliance on cross-country transportation and to reliably supply and distribute hydrogen on the spot to markets and clients looking to enhance the use of greener fuels, vehicles and equipment. Bayotech’s offering aligns with WSP’s hydrogen services initiative within the energy business line.

Disaster Tech

DisasterTech developed the Decision Science Integrated Collaboration Environment (DICE) Platform to help disaster planning and response professionals make informed decisions based on situational understanding. The technology converges cross-sector real-time data and accelerates analytics using geospatial, charting, graphing and text analysis. The tool will enable WSP’s Emergency Management teams within Federal Programs that work strategically with CRS to help clients more efficiently simulate, exercise, plan for and communicate future risks to users and collaborators.

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