Emerge provides the opportunity for innovative early and growth stage companies to engage in a strategic partnership with WSP.

Your product team will pair with our in-house subject matter experts giving your startup an opportunity to pilot and refine your products/services/technologies with WSP and have access to our broad client base.

The world is changing fast, this program helps you grow faster.

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About the Program

Emerge is WSP's strategic alliance program that seeks early-stage companies with novel solutions as strategic partners. We invest time and resources into partners without taking any equity. As partners, you get access to in-house subject matter experts, an opportunity to pilot your products/technologies with WSP during the evaluation phase and have access to our client base.

Emerge propels our partners by accelerating the product/technology adoption. The world is changing fast, this program helps you grow faster.

Announcing Cohort #3

Emerge is looking for exciting applicants in the Earth & Environment industry.

Data collection, management, & reporting solutions (ESG, Stormwater, Environmental, Geotechnical, Air Emissions, remote sensing, and Others)

ESG management for corporations

Coastal Resilience and modeling

Technologies and innovations for:

  • Safety and risk reduction, in industries such as mining, oil & gas etc.
  • Groundwater, surface water, wastewater, soil, or waste treatment (e.g. PFAS/PFOA)
  • Mining, Oil and Gas industry, including metallurgy testing and analysis
  • Renewable energy generation and storage (e.g. offshore wind)
  • Sustainable waste management
  • Energy transition
  • Others

Program Schedule

August 31

Applications Open

October 24

Application Due

November 2

Shortlist & Notification

November 7

Pitch Day

November 14

Selection Notification

November 28

Agreement Signing

November 2022 - March 2023

Weekly meetings with WSP Subject Matter Experts & Business Line Champions

Product Feedback

WSP Target Market & Client focus identification

March 2023

Onwards subject to successful completion of the pilot phase. Typically, a 2-year alliance term.

Why this program?

No equity required

We do not ask our partners to give up any ownership.


A dedicated WSP mentor connects you to the global network of 50,000+ subject-matter experts.


This program is your ticket to pilot your offering with our team. The subject matter experts will provide strategic and tactical feedback for improvement as part of the pilot.

Global Clients

We help you build your client pipeline. The program will align your offering with our client needs for deployment. You get access to our domestic and global client base.


Each intake focuses on specific industry. The focus areas are curated based on our client needs and future trends. This accelerates our ability to deployment of your offering.


A minimum-viable-product, Funding (all stages including angel funding is acceptable), Ready to pilot


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